Trail Riding


  • Blue Wave Stable is situated on 120 acres of  beautiful rolling pastures and forest with hand cut trails through out. Trail riding is a fun & relaxing way to spend time enjoying the experience of the great outdoors.  Our hand-cut trails are 95% in the woods and give the feel of being in the middle of a State Park and yet we are conveniently located close to the South Charlotte Area.   We look forward in sharing our piece of nature with you! {{For a google map Click or cut and paste this link:  .  }}
  •  Public guided trail rides on the Blue Wave Stable property are held only on Saturdays. Trail ride hours are at 11;30 AM, 1pm and 2:30pm. Price Per Rider at BWS is $50 per rider…TIPS are appreciated!   All trail rides are by Reservation Only.  (For more experienced riders who what to ride for several hours we offer an offsite trail ride where we trailer the horses to a local state park.  A off site trail ride is $175 a rider with a 2 rider or $350 minimum.  For additional information to about an off site trail ride or to make a reservation please text Erin at 704-847-3424 to make a reservation. There is also additional information at the bottom of this page as well.  
  • To RSVP for an onsite BWS trail ride please Send a text to (704-847-3424) include RESERVATION NAME with all riders approximate height, weight and experience as well as time and Saturday date  you would like to ride. You also can make reservations  using the appointment scheduling software on the reservation page.
  • Trail-rides consist of a basic riding instruction, tacking up, getting acquainted with the horse in the arena and then going on a trail-ride. The whole experience can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.   Part of the riding experience includes pre-trail riding instruction and preparation. That is when the rider and horse get to know each other.
  • If the trail ride contains a party of mostly inexperienced riders, than getting everyone saddle fitted and comfortable in the saddle may take a little longer than a party of experienced riders. .  It may take a little longer but it makes a difference in overall enjoyability and safety of all involved.
  • At Blue Wave Stable you are riding on our pets and being pets, they behave like pets.  They are friendly and interested and I really want to keep them that way. I therefore try to make every trail-ride a little different so the horses do not know what to expect and get bored with the whole process.  I encourage my guests to take the time to get to know my wonderful sweet loving horses. Once you ride, you are welcome to stay and visit with the horses if you wish. The horses love affection and absolutely know when they have earned a treat!
  • When making reservations please leave name, number of riders, rider’s approximate weight, height and skill level,  preferred time and date.  We will contact you back with verification of reservation.
  • Please describe riders as such: ie (Male 6’1 180 lbs beginner,\ Female 5’6 135lb experienced rider \Child age 6).   I have horses and saddles to accommodate most heights and weights.
  • I do not have an age limit on riding but rather a rider is determined by ability.  All inexperienced riders will be escorted.  Any person who does not feel comfortable should please tell us.  We can provide escorts so that the uncomfortable rider still has fun too. Escorts walk next to the rider. Interestingly enough,  I have had a few guests who were more experienced riders feel uncomfortable with an escort.  If you are an experienced rider (have either owned horses, have had lessons or leased a horse or have ridden regularly) and you do not want an escort please let us know. Escorts are available only to keep horses comfortable and riders safe.  Experienced riders only need to ask if they prefer not to have an escort.  We want to make sure everyone has a good time.
  • All riders get their own mount…we do not do doubles.  It is extremely uncomfortable for the horse. ( I would be happy to explain the horse anatomy if you want to understand my concerns. )
  • What to wear?  Long pants, shirt, boots or shoes like sneakers and a helmet. (Sandals or open shoes are not acceptable and dangerous.  Sandals or open shoes are dangerous to all visitors regardless if they are riding or not.   I have had more people bitten by fire ants than stepped on by horses. Neither situation is pleasant and causes delays as well as pain for those involved.
  • All riders under age 18 will be required to wear a helmet.  I highly recommend a helmet for all ages.
  • All Riders Are Required to Sign a Liability Waiver.  Waivers can be down loaded and are found under contact us tab or you can click on the tab at the end of the paragraph. .  Please be sure to get all paperwork completed before you mount. I appreciate your help in remembering to get this task completed before we start to ride.   Click here for the Liability Paperwork. {{BWS-Equine-Liability-Waiver-and-Release-Form-3_8}}
  • Weather:  Trail rides will be reschedule if it is raining or lightning is present, if the temperature is over 95 degrees or under 35 degrees, high winds with gusts of 20+ Mph or if there is snow on the ground.
  • Price per rider for a guided Trail ride at BWS  is only $35 per rider and of course tips are always appreciated.    We accept Cash, Check and Credit Cards.
  • Trail-riding parties will potentially be combined with additional trail-riding parties or barn members to complete a guided trail.
  • Trail-rides are customized to accommodate the rider with the least amount of skill.
  • If you have a party of advanced riders, please let me know so that I can combined you with other riders of your skill level.  However, if you want a more advanced ride, then I recommend you make a private reservation. Regardless of skill level due to condition of the trails footing, all trails are ridden at a walk.  It is just dangerous to ride any faster than a walk regardless of a riders skill level due to the width of the trails and the rough footing.
  • If you want to schedule a special event or birthday party, please text me and we can go over the details.
  • Parties larger than 8 riders will potentially have to broken into multiple groups.
  • Please be advised that we have security cameras installed throughout the premises.  Please do not go into the tack rooms or feed rooms without being directly asked by the owner or trail-master.
  •  The bathroom is located at the entrance and is the first door to the left.
  • Please do not feed the horses.  Not all of the horses are mine and all the boarders prefer that you do not feed treats.  I only allow treats to be given after the horses work.  I will be happy to give you sweet feed as a treat or you can bring an apple, carrot, sugar cube, peppermints or gingersnaps to give to the horses.    If you give horses treats without a reason than horses will actually start accosting people looking for treats.  Horses absolutely understand when they have earned a reward and very much appreciate it.  I know it is tempting…but please do not feed the horses.  Thank you for helping support us in this matter.
  • Sometimes trail-rides run late.  That typically is due to the fact that unpredictable situations occur that cause delays…I will attempt to let you know when you arrive how far behind we are running.  I apologize in advance for any inconvenience a delay may cause.
  • Please let me know when you arrive if you are under a time constraint.
  • I really want everyone to have a terrific time…including the horses.  Thank you so much for supporting us.  We are a young business so any ideas you have to help make the total experience better are always appreciated.  Also, if you have a special someone you want to surprise let me know we can always put together a special riding event.
  • If you are a very experienced rider and want to go on a more advanced trail-ride please let me know and I will try to group those together.  Please be sure to let me know.
  • Please identify any physical limitations like weak hips, knees and/or ankles that might interfere with mounting and dismounting.  We can accommodate these situations.  
  • Please text me if you have any questions or you want to schedule a reservation     704-847-3424.
  • Cost is $30 per Rider.  Tips are greatly appreciated!
  • ***Off Site Trail Rides at  Local State Parks..For the more experienced rider who wants to ride for 2-3 hours we offer an off site trail ride at Cane Creek State Park.  Price is $175 per rider.  Please text me at 704-847-3424 if you are interested in scheduling a private trail ride at a state park. I am always happy to ride offsite if I can get a party of 2 or more together.

Weight Considerations:

  • The maximum weight limit my horses will be allowed to carry is based on my saddle sizes.   Any person that is either considered obese  by the the National Institute of Health Weight Chart  will not fit into our saddles.  If a person is to big for the saddle it hurts the horses back.  That is how I set my weight limits.  I apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.  I hope everyone understands that I am trying to protect my horses backs.
  • ***Health Chart Below is from the Rush University Medical Center based on the NIH.
  • {As and example, if you are a 4’10” women your healthy weight is 91lbs / if you are a man it is 138lbs. You are Obese if you are a women at 143lbs and a man 186lbs.  The chart breaks out ;into an obese chart.  If you are obese please understand that you will not fit in our saddles. Saddles are designed to be fit by height and weight. When someone weighs more than the saddle was designed to fit it tends to bridge and hurt our horses backs.  Even with large draft horses, the rider still has to fit into the saddle.  The chart below will clarify if we have a saddle that will fit, Below will tell you weather or not you will fit in our saddles.  Please feel free to call or text if you have any questions.  Please no I will not budge on the numbers listed below.  It is non negotiable.  Hurting my horses back it is not worth it to me. Like us once they hurt their back it can take days or weeks to recover. They are so sweet.  It is not fair to knowingly hurt them.  I just cannot do it.  I hope you understand.
Height Weight (Female/Male)






Obese (BWS Does not have Saddles to fit anyone in the Obese Category)



4′ 10″ 91 / 115 lbs. 119 /138 lbs. 143 /186 lbs.
4′ 11″ 94 / 119 lbs. 124 /143 lbs. 148 / 193 lbs.
5′ 97 / 123 lbs. 128 / 148 lbs. 153 / 199 lbs.
5′ 1″ 100 / 127 lbs. 132 / 153 lbs. 158 / 206 lbs.
5′ 2″ 104 / 131 lbs. 136 / 158 lbs. 164 / 213 lbs.
5′ 3″ 107 / 135 lbs. 141 / 163 lbs. 169 / 220 lbs.
5′ 4″ 110 / 140 lbs. 145 / 169 lbs. 174 /227 lbs.
5′ 5″ 114 /144 lbs. 150 / 174 lbs. 180 / 234 lbs.
5′ 6″ 118 / 148 lbs. 155 / 179 lbs. 186 /241 lbs.
5′ 7″ 121 / 153 lbs. 159 / 185 lbs. 191 / 249 lbs.
5′ 8″ 125 / 158 lbs. 164 / 190 lbs. 197 /256 lbs.
5′ 9″ 128 / 162 lbs. 169 /196 lbs. 203 / 263 lbs.
5′ 10″ 132 / 167 lbs. 174 / 202 lbs. 209 / 271 lbs.
5′ 11″ 136 / 172 lbs. 179 / 208 lbs. 215 / 279 lbs.
6′ 140 / 177 lbs. 184 / 213 lbs. 221 / 287 lbs.
6′ 1″ 144 / 182 lbs. 189 /219 lbs. 227 / 295 lbs.
6′ 2″ 148 / 186 lbs. 194 / 225 lbs. 233 / 303 lbs.
6′ 3″ 152 / 192 lbs. 200 / 232 lbs. 240 / 311 lbs.
6′ 4″ 156 / 197 lbs. 205 /238 lbs. 246 / 320 lbs.