Online Reservation Service

Below is the online reservation software tool. Unfortunately I have yet to find any software application that can figure out how to match riders and horses. Since we are a small business and I only have a dozen or so horses, I need to have a customer text me the information as well as reserve it online. To make your reservation online, it will take your credit card information to hold your reservation. I also need the information below text to me. I will call to verify your reservation. If you did not enter your credit card information, I will call you and I can take your credit card information at that time. I can do it manually but prefer you do it online keeping me out of it. I use a service called The Square. They keep all your credit card information. I do not keep it on file nor do I use your information for marketing or sell your data or anything like that. In fact I do not even have access to it. That is why I prefer you to do it online. I am just a horse person wanting to connect horses with people. I enjoy watching the magic horses have on people of all ages. That being said, unfortunately I have had to many folks over the years either over book or not show for trail rides or worse yet, jump off and leave before paying. I take no enjoyment in having to take credit cards to hold a reservation. However, if you do not show for your reservation or you book a reservation for more than show, there will be a no show charge of 50% of the cost of the trail ride per rider. I am hoping this will encourage folks to show up for reservations or cancel within a reasonable amount of time 7 days or more so that I can make up that cancellation. When people do not show, I have probably had to turn away folks prior to that reservation that could have ridden in their place thus loosing business from the no show and disappointing others I had to turn away. So I apologize in advance for having to ask but I will need a credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover) to make the reservation. Trail rides are $40 a rider. No charge if cancelation happens 7 days prior to reservation. No show rates are 50% of those riders that do not show. If a customer cancels or reduces riders the total amount within 3 days of reservation the fee is 25% of the total not attending. 10% fee is added if rescheduled within 5 days of reservation. This is my reservation policy. I hope it does not scare anyone off. Cards will not be charged until the day of the trailride.

For now Trail rides are only on Saturdays at 11;30, 1pm and 2:30pm. If you do not see your time or date available it may already be booked but text me with your request because like I said I have yet to find a reservation system that can accurately book Guided Trail rides…..the last of the businesses that still need a human interface. 🙂

For more information please go to Trail Riding Tab on this website as it will give you great detail on what to expect. All riders over 18 and over will also need a to sign a Liability Waiver. All riders under 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign the liability waiver for them. You can either down load and print out the liability waiver or sign one when you arrive at the barn for your trail ride. {{BWS-Equine-Liability-Waiver-and-Release-Form-3_8}}

  1. Customer Name
  2. Approximate Height and Weight of each rider
  3. Saturday Date and time you want to ride.
  4. Please text to 704-847-3424.