Lesson Information


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Lesson Information

Mon,Tue,Thurs,Friday 6pm-8pm School Year schedule, or 6pm Private Riding or Jumping Lessons, Adult Lessons (Mon AM 10am-12pm & Thursday 8pm).  

  • Weekly Group Lessons are $120 Prepaid monthly for 4 consecutive weekly lessons or $40 pay as you ride.

Saturday Private and Semi-Private Lessons.

  • Private Lessons $50
  • Semi-Private (2 Students) $45
  • Saturday Lessons are one on one instruction teaching Jumping or Concentrated Flat Work.
  • Private Lessons by appointment for adults and children as available.  $50 an hour.  
  • Adult riding groups are on Mondays from 10 am -12:30 pm.  Adult riding includes an hour of lessons as well as an hour of riding for fun. Adult riding time is supervised by an instructor.  It is designed to be an enjoyable stress free morning….a great way to kick off  the week.   Pricing is $200 prepaid monthly for 4 consecutive weekly lessons or $60 for an individual pay as you go lesson. All Riding Levels are welcome.  We also have a 7pm Thurs evening adult riding group.  Again, all levels are welcome.
  •  Life lesson riding instruction is designed to establish rider confidence so as to be able to gain control and respect from the horse. This is key to becoming successful in all disciples of  riding. Our focus is holistic in its approach and designed around the concept of  “teaching to own”.  However ultimately we want to achieve every individual participants goals.  We want your horse experience with us to be educational, safe and fun! 
  • Our focus is to teach students how to care and ride horses so that they will be knowledgeable enough to own a horse not just to ride.   We want students to learn all their is to know about horses. We believe that enjoying horses is much more than just riding.  We want our students to understand the full responsibility that goes along with horsemanship.  Riders will be taught proper riding and horse showing skills as well as trail riding etiquette.  Students will also be taught horse ownership skills .  That way students will fully understand what is required should they want to purchase a horse some day.  While having fun and learning skills it is important to always keep safety first. 
  • Summer Group Lessons are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6pm-8pm.   Groups are rarely over 3 or 4 in size per instructor.   Lessons must be schedule in advance.  Contact  704-847-3424 by text to schedule a lesson.  (Lessons fall back an hour when school begins in the fall.)
  • For more information please feel free to contact us to set up a time to accommodate your equestrian educational needs.  If you want to view lessons  we recommend visiting at 7pm during the summer or 6pm during school year. Again, please text to schedule a visit or to schedule a lesson. 
  • Work to Ride program:. Time varies and is set by appointments.  We typically need help getting the school horses in before lessons and helping keep the stable clean throughout lessons. We also need help 3pm to 9pm on  Saturdays with trail rides  as well as other scheduled events along with barn chores.  Appointments to participate are required. Work to Ride is only for students who are trying to get additional ride time to improve upon there lesson skills. Work to Ride is not available to earn lessons.  It is strictly for those who either want to volunteer or earn time to practice the riding skills learned during lessons.  Please see the Work to Ride Tab for more information.  
  • Weekly lessons ($30 -$60)
  • Trail-riding ($30 per person per hour)
  • Horse riding parties ( Text for more information). 
  • Corporate Events (Text for pricing)
  • Riding Gift Certificates ****

    We are happy to announce that we now accept credit cards.