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Due to inclement weather that included high winds & rain flurries  we will reschedule the November 1st Horse Show and Festival to NOVEMBER 22nd.  Show starts at 9am and Festival starts at Noon-4pm.  SEE HORSE SHOW for more information. 

First I want to thank everyone involved at Blue Wave Stable (BWS).   The atmosphere is one that is positive, low stress and all about the horses.  The members are absolutely wonderful and I thank them for helping to create a wonderful barn.  

If you have never been to BWS, I extend an open invitation to stop by.  Just send me a text to set an appointment. 704-847-3424.  If you want to just pop in the best time is either Sat after 1pm.  The rest of the week is open only to boarders, members and scheduled events.  Look forward to meeting you.



(Cool Blue Wave at 2 Months)

Blue Wave Stable got it’s name from my daughter Shea’s horse Cool Blue Wave.  Cool is an incredibly sweet, beautiful, smart minded, Blue Roan Paint. While I have owned horses on and off for the past 40 years, we started our own boarding stable in February of 2009.  However it was December 2010 when we were blessed with the opportunity to acquire the lease on the adjoining property that tripled our acreage and stall capacity. .  that made my dream of having a family run stable go from a childhood dream to an achievable opportunity.

In my minds eye I can see a stable where horse lovers and their friends can come and feel at home.  A place that is low stress, relaxed, clean,and safe for our children.  A place that gives the children the freedom of space and being outside yet adult supervision is intact.  A place that is  fun and  filled with positive calm yet assertive energy all rolled into one.  A Stable where all the horses, boarded or not, are cared and loved as if they were our own.  A place that is unique in that the golden social policy is to never speak unkindly about the horses or people while on the property.  A very true and honest heartfelt attempt to achieve a drama free barn.  I truly believe it is obtainable! 

Blue Wave Stable boards horses, provides English and Western horseback riding lessons, guides trail-rides has an barn membership and a work to ride program.  We are non-competitive stable. Our focus is through education and practice we can pass the gift of  gaining the respect and control of horses first on the ground then the saddle  by using natural horsemanship techniques.  We very much focus on riding for fun and in doing so we provided additional services including but not limited too birthday parties, cookouts, trail-rides, clinics, camps, weekend trail-riding/camping…you name it…if the fun involves horses we are interested.  Give us a call and let us see if we can accommodate your horse desired request.     

Blue Wave Stable is a proud supporter of  Healing Horses.  We have adopted several horses.  Please stop by and meet our horses.  Any donation is much appreciated. If you are considering purchasing a horse, please consider adopting.  You can find plenty of available horses on the Healing Horses Facebook website.

We are a young business and  would very much enjoy meeting you. Feel free to stop by and see if you do not agree that we have a very friendly relaxed approach to enjoying the whole experience of riding and caring for horses.  I believe our herd is in on it too. Visitor’s often comment on the calm demeanor of our horses.     Come out and see if you don’t agree.  

My daughter Shea handles the facebook page. Shea always wants pictures as well. Please email them to us at *protected email*  We would love to post them to our facebook site.

I will be doing my best to get the rest of the website up as soon as possible.  Thank you so much for understanding.  The best way to reach me is to  text me at 704-847-3424  I will do my best to respond within 24 hours to your request.   THANK YOU AGAIN and I look forward to meeting you at the barn!

Below is the URL for Google Maps to Blue Wave Stable.  Highlight it and right click and you should get a google Map of our site.